Resolux is continually working to minimize our environmental impact. In production facilities and offices, we strive to reduce the energy and carbon footprint for the greater good of the environment. We are committed to continually motivating and educating our employees in green thinking and inspire all to act environmentally responsible.

Working to improve the environment is a dynamic process, and we at Resolux take an active part in the development of environmental improvement initiatives. We have calculated and verified our Carbon Footprint according to the GHG protocol, with Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 included. This is an important tool to identify how to make great impact on our emission. This is an important step in our journey to improve the environment on our planet.

Renewable energy

At Resolux Group, we are ambitious about reducing our CO2 - so one of the steps in our strategy is to use green power solely.
​In HQ we have switched to wind energy, powered by OK a.m.b.a.​

Previously, we got our electricity from a cogeneration plant that primarily uses fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas to produce electricity. Fossil fuels emit CO2, and adds Greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, whereas wind energy has zero emission.
​This means that we have reduced our emission from 6,9 tCO2e per year to zero at HQ. ​​

We have received a RECS-certificate from OK a.m.b.a. this implies that we receive 100% green energy from OK and contribute to green transition in Denmark. Our effort contributes SDG 7, for a world with clean and renewable energy. As such, this is a responsible act, we feel proud of at Resolux Group. ​

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