At Resolux we care . .

Resolux Group is responsible for doing business in a proper way, we expect a lot from ourselves and each other. We motivate each other to focus on the highest ethical standards and the purpose of tour CSR efforts is to prioritize our considerations in to concrete actions, so that we continue to live pu to our responsibility.

The culture in Resolux Group is characterized by an informal tone and a flat organizational structure. We all fell respected and we all have the opportunity to reach our full potential. To achieve our vision and to comply with our strategy, we are guided by our values. Together we drive our company forward.

Honesty and Respect are some of our core values in Resolux Group. Our way of doing business is transparent and fair. We are committed to doing the right thing in all aspects of our business.

This requires that we all, every day, contributes with dedication and Passion to the highest ethical standards. We work diligently across our organization to reinforce the fundamental premise that every employee carries a share of the responsibility. With each of us embracing the commitment to conduct business, our actions in Innovation and Development we are all making Resolux Group a stronger and a more successful company.

We are aware, that all stakeholders – customers, suppliers and emplyees watch what we say and do. Yes we can is also one of our core values, and in our solutions we work with potential instead of limitation.