CSR efforts are dynamic as we constantly strive to develop our business in respect of a responsible and sustainable way. Our CSR strategy has main focus on employees and reducing CO2 emissions.

​As a multinational corporation our focus on employees comes naturally. Social fairness is essential, and we want to ensure a high level of health and well-being for our employee. This requires strong focus from management and awareness of how we want to manage.

​We take responsibility for our society and environment. Therefore, we work ambitiously to reduce our CO2 emission. This requires that all of us contribute with dedication, for new ways of thinking business. We work diligently across our organization to reinforce the fundamental premise that everyone carries a part of this responsibility, beginning from the top down.

​Honesty and Respect are some of our core values in Resolux Group and our way of doing business is transparent and fair. We are committed to do our best in all aspects of our business.

Gender Diversitet

Gender diversity is important to Resolux Group. We always consider and verify both professional and personal competences and qualifications of our employees and management. Therefore, highly prioritize on a diverse team, which contributes to improving our business.

At the same time, we continuously focus on our social responsibility, for acting responsible as a global company. Terms of equality is not the same in all parts of the world, therefore, we have a high standard for equality and diverse teams at all our subsidiaries worldwide.

UN has set a goal to reach gender equality, SDG 5. For Resolux Group to contribute to this goal, we have set several measures in progress. Processes to attract even more qualified women for positions at all levels of the organization, through employee branding.

Working with employee branding at Resolux Group, we strive to attract talented women to secure a diverse and equal gender distribution. For us to achieve the goal of contributing to SDG 5, we have close focus on work/life balance, highly value our employees, and as part of our management strategy we have focus on healthy work/life balance for all employees. Therefore, we offer flexible hours and allow employees to partly work from home.

We, at Resolux Group, benefit from diversity and support SDG 5 for gender equality.